• Daniela Mora

Finsta: the best & worst account you will ever make

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

If you don’t live under a rock and own a cellphone you already know what term I am about to talk about, a finsta. For those of you who do live underground with no cellphone service or are above the age of 50, a finsta is a fake Instagram account. This fake account is made by real people, such as myself, to use as an outlet to post funny photos, drunk videos of yourself, memes and/or even personal problems and complaints.

Now hearing this, half of you either already have a finsta and this is old news, or you were just swayed into making one. It’s fun to have a page only you and selected others can view. Like most people I do have a finsta, along with most of my friends and in fact it becomes more like a community. It is an extremely personal account that could lead you to learning information you never knew was true simply by just scrolling through your feed.

The topics touched upon on this private instagram account are infinite. People post a range of different topics whether about boys, their family problems or what stupid things they did drunk last night, your finsta is truly for you and the boundaries are limitless.

I personally, love my finsta. I post photos of my cats, me being weird or even funny videos of my family. It’s a fun and personalized account to document your life. Storing funny content that is not appropriate for the real Instagram (rinsta), most people feel more comfortable posting their thoughts on the internet oppose to announcing them in person.

I enjoy looking at my past posts and recapping on what I did one night and what grievances I complained about the next.

As I am an advocate for making a finsta I do have several guidelines I think all should heed before indulging in such behavior. As I said previously, a finsta is like a community. Your followers see everything you post (obviously) so posting something personal about how your mom grounded you or how you had your first one night stand last night might not be the best move.

Of course, this is your account and you may post freely but from personal experience I remind you to be cautious. I had many followers on my account, mostly because the trend of having a finsta is on the rise and people just follow to follow.

Of course, all my followers are my friends but maybe not exactly my close friends. I soon realized people would assume things about me based on a singular post of me dancing on a chair or even holding a red solo cup.

I believed this was an inaccurate representation of myself as many people only saw me from my comical posts and if these followers of mine were truly my close friends they would know what I am doing beyond the surface of an Instagram post .

My point of this brief story is airing all your dirty laundry on the internet might not be the smartest idea. I soon realized I didn’t want people screenshotting my emotional rant posts or assuming they knew me from a camera roll shot of one moment in my life.

I’ve had friends who ended up deleting their finsta’s due to the fact their posts would get screenshotted and sent around. Of course this may have not been done to be malicious because people just wanted to share their posts as they found it funny; but the more people that see your personal posts that you're not even close with the weirder it gets.

Believe me, it’s weird when my friends friend sees you in person and asks if I’m still grounded or high fives you for getting with a guy. It’s uncomfortable to soon realize that everybody knows your business.

And, of course, this does not mean to never make a finsta, I advise you to, they are a great source of entertainment, but, post with caution. If you don’t mind everybody and their mother’s knowing how annoyed you are about getting your period a day early, then post as you please.

But if you are more private, as I learned I should be, tailor your audience and followers accordingly.


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