• Daniela Mora

Tag you're it!

So someone liked you, you didn’t quite feel the same way, you gave them a chance- perhaps you even had a change in heart and the minute you began to show mutual interest they went running in the complete opposite direction?

Likely story.

The chase is on, tag you’re it!


The most important component in getting a guy to chase you is distance. Distancing yourself, intentionally or not, will make someone long for you. Not texting, snapchatting, calling or going out of your way to contact someone will make them miss you and you always want someone to miss you. Be coy, hard to find and difficult to reach.

When you see them it's "oh hey, how have you been?" Talk as if you haven't seen them in years, even if it could just be a week, ask them "what's new", "how's life", and phrases that make it seem as if has been a longer time than it actually has. Make it formal, simple and barely sweet. The goal is to make them feel as if things have changed between the two of you when they walk away from the conversation.

DO NOT run to them with a joyous open embrace or mention the term miss. You did not miss them, you want them to miss you. Act distant and reserved, they do not deserve your biggest smile or warmest greeting- you need them to question what they did wrong or what happened in the relationship as to why you changed your attitude. Remain cool, calm and collected.


Whoever said looks are not everything was definitely not that appealing, I'm sorry. Looks are not everything but they are a lot of things. When you look good you feel good and feeling good is great! You can easily run into them or another potential target so the best bet is to look presentable at all times. Always feel good about yourself because you never know who you will bump into.

The trick is to always be prepared and when you know you're going to run into them or see them at any given point, you have to show them, rub it in their face, boast and pout your best looking self to remind them exactly what they’re missing. This will not only make you feel like the ultimate winner, having them leave the conversation saying "damn, she looked really good" but also regretting their ways and perhaps changing their future actions towards you.


Not for the man, but for yourself you need to work on yourself. This can be mentally or physically. Working out, squats, hair masks, whitening teeth and more will not only make you feel 100% about yourself but you will make them feel 100% regret for letting you go, it's pure facts.

Seeing them again after a long break with a perkier butt, a whiter smile, glossier hair and a confident aurora will not only make them frustrated as to why they let you go but jealous of how much better off you are/will be (with everybody else but them) with your new and improved looks. After all, it’s common knowledge that we all want what we can’t have and we all want nice things!


It takes time to win somebody back, this will not be an overnight process. With this, it could be beneficial to keep busy. If you're working on yourself and working out, keep up with school work, attend clubs, become more open minded, start a blog! Keeping busy not only proves to them and yourself that you're completely fine without them but that you're even better than fine, you're busy!

You don't have time to think about the situation at hand and it will take your mind off things. The key is to bring attention to yourself without trying to, changing your looks, habits or attitude are all ways for people to take a double take when they begin to notice your subtle but prominent changes.

In conclusion, if these simple steps only leave you running in circles and getting even farther from where you originally started, on to the next!

If this S.O does not stop in their tracks, turning around, and regretting exactly what they once let loose, run free.

No fun to chase, just replace.


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