• Daniela Mora

To blackout or back out?

“I completely blacked last night, I have know idea how I got home, did I leave with you?” One of the first sentences I hear every Friday morning 10 minutes into recapping a night out with my friends. We’ve all been there. Waking up bright and early, dehydrated, still drunk and just happy to have woken up in your own bed. Snooping through your own cell phone as if you found a lost artifact, checking your outgoing call log, sent texts, snapchats and any other form of communication that would allow you to reachout to someone you probably shouldn’t be reaching out to.

There are all different kind of blackouts, some with more serious consequences than others. As alluring as it is, to piece your night together like Nancy Drew there are also downsides to this temporary state. Depending on what you drink, where you are and how much you drink could ultimately define your blackout alter ego. Here to list the pros and cons of this common activity in hopes of predicting your future drunk actions, allowing you to weigh the pros and cons of weather the risk is really worth the reward.

The club blackout

You’re out at a club, in a nice city with lights, music and of course, bottle service. Great, so you have almost unlimited beverages and a perfect atmosphere to down every single one of them in, this is a given blackout.

Pros: Picture perfect surroundings, it’s like you’re in a party scene of a movie, except the scene is five hours long and you’re the main character. Great music, photo opportunities, new faces and potential drunk bathroom friendships in the making. No ID? No problem. NYC clubs supporting underage drinking since 1998, I would know, as my first club appearance featured both, bottom and top braces.

Cons: Authority. Security to the max, all bouncers have all eyes on the drunk girl in the corner and you don’t know it, yet, but it’s probably you. One slip in your four inch heels and you’re out, no explanation given other than "you're too drunk". A love hate relationship with your promoter, he means business until you’re three cranberry vodkas deep and he’s trying to dance with you and your sister, no thanks.

Most likely to: Make out with anybody in sight, no preferences with this blackout, anyone will do. Ending the night either throwing up in the Uber home or outside of the club.

The frat blackout

You’re out at a frat party, in a basement of some sort, that is mostly likely growing mold, right above your head but you don’t notice as you scream to Mo Bamba and spill your beer on a nearby freshmen.

Pros: You’re around familiar faces, you may or may not know everyone but you all have one thing in common, you’re all there. Border line to blacking out or not you find yourself on adventures with random people you never had the courage to speak to before. Lucky for you, you have a bonding experience with these people, whether it’s packing the bong at the post game or getting way too personal with a girl in the bathroom. Unlucky for you, you probably won’t remember it.

Cons: You’re around too many familiar faces. Running into people whom you’ve once seen their genitals and pretending as if they don’t know you, while being blackout is a combination for disaster, and possibly distress- for them. Liquid courage is great until you realize you’re hooking up with someone in your first class tomorrow, not so great. Loving everyone and anybody that night may lead you to wanting to saw your leg off seeing them on campus, the next.

Most likely to:  Text that person you should not be texting and then eventually settling for their friend, who so happens to be your neighbor, now allowing you to have awkward encounters for the remainder of the semester.

The bar blackout

You’re out at a bar, perhaps even a local bar, it’s either a cool hole in the wall spot or a pub with 50 year old men. You came with one intention and that is, leaving this place incoherent, you’re on a mission.

Pros: Alcohol galore, obviously. The only thing you can drink at a bar is alcohol and the only thing you can purchase at a bar is more of it. In this venue it is socially acceptable to come alone, drinking alone is permitted and even a popular choice here. Bars are meant for one thing which is to get drunk so it’s encouraged to take full advantage of your surroundings in here, it’s a guarantee that you won’t be the only one off your shit. A welcoming atmosphere that is blackout friendly, how convenient!

Cons: In the wise words of Mr.Krabs, money, money, money. Bar beverages are not free, unless you can finesse someone who looks like your uncle into buying you a round of tequila shots, you’re screwed. Unlike frats and clubs, bartenders serve you, therefore bartenders can also not serve you. Being cut off is not fun for anyone, don’t be that person. Bars can be weird, depending who is there and who you’re with you may end your night playing pool in Saint Marks with the 45 year old director of Stranger Things, true story.

Most likely to: Pick up someone outside the bar, hook up with them on the street and never see them again.

The mid day blackout

It took you about 3 hours to get ready this morning, with a slight detour to the toilet, twice, but it’s about 2pm in the middle of the day and your roommate is passing you a mixed drink. Still hungover and most likely drunk from the night before, you know you’re about to have a day. Tailgate, dage, day party, darty, or brunch, call it what you want but all events share the same goal in common, you’re about to be hammered in broad daylight.

Pros: Who doesn’t like day drinking? Something about looking presentable, with nice lighting and knowing your whole day has no responsibilities aside from not losing your alcohol or phone, is a beautiful thing. You feel invincible, the day is yours and you can conquer anything. Everyone is in a great mood, how can you not be? People are most friendly at this time, giving and generous. Handing out beers like it’s candy and passing a handle around a torn up backyard is the definition of a mid day blackout.

Cons: It’s like a time warp, one minute you’re in your house pouring a shot and the next thing you know, you’re in your bed with a half eaten Chipotle bowl on your nightstand and it’s 11pm. The day is summarized into your 3 minute long snapchat story and your roomate telling you what you achieved in the last four hours. Broad daylight means everyone can see you, it’s not a crowded bar or a dark basement. Your actions most likely have multiple witnessed to attest to your sloppy behavior, proceed with caution.

Most likely to: Meet a random but good looking person out and hookup with them, most likely with your roomates in the living room.

As discouraging or uplifting as a blackout may be, people knowing things about you that you don’t even know, don't worry, you’re not alone! Everyone has those nights and nobody will remember that one thing you did that one night, forever. Note it and plan to improve on it for next time, regarding your limits and surroundings, and on that note, cheers!


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