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  • Daniela Mora

To blackout or back out?

“I completely blacked last night, I have know idea how I got home, did I leave with you?” One of the first sentences I hear every Friday morning 10 minutes into recapping a night out with my friends. We’ve all been there. Waking up bright and early, dehydrated, still drunk and just happy to have woken up in your own bed. Snooping through your own cell phone as if you found a lost artifact, checking your outgoing call log, sent texts, snapchats and any other form of communication that would allow you to reachout to someone you probably shouldn’t be reaching out to.

There are all different kind of blackouts, some with more serious consequences than others. As alluring as it is, to piece your night together like Nancy Drew there are also downsides to this temporary state. Depending on what you drink, where you are and how much you drink could ultimately define your blackout alter ego. Here to list the pros and cons of this common activity in hopes of predicting your future drunk actions, allowing you to weigh the pros and cons of weather the risk is really worth the reward.

The club blackout

You’re out at a club, in a nice city with lights, music and of course, bottle service. Great, so you have almost unlimited beverages and a perfect atmosphere to down every single one of them in, this is a given blackout.

The frat blackout

You’re out at a frat party, in a basement of some sort, that is mostly likely growing mold, right above your head but you don’t notice as you scream to Mo Bamba and spill your beer on a nearby freshmen.

The bar blackout

You’re out at a bar, perhaps even a local bar, it’s either a cool hole in the wall spot or a pub with 50 year old men. You came with one intention and that is, leaving this place incoherent, you’re on a mission.

The mid day blackout

It took you about 3 hours to get ready this morning, with a slight detour to the toilet, twice, but it’s about 2pm in the middle of the day and your roommate is passing you a mixed drink. Still hungover and most likely drunk from the night before, you know you’re about to have a day. Tailgate, dage, day party, darty, or brunch, call it what you want but all events share the same goal in common, you’re about to be hammered in broad daylight.